George Wajackoyah's Lofty Goals.....


[SIZE=7]Wajackoyah speaks about his wife, children[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Wajackoyah divulged that his family lives in the United States of America.[/SIZE]
In Summary
•He has a wife and children who do not live in Kenya.
•Wajackoyah divulged that his family lives in the United States of America.
Presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah at BOMAS of Kenya on Monday, May 30, 2022.

Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah is a family man.

He has a wife and children who do not live in Kenya.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday evening, Wajackoyah divulged that his family lives in the United States of America.


“I have children and an American wife. She lives in the United States and our grown-up kids live in the United Kingdom,” he said.
He noted the family will soon be in the country after having acquired Kenya’s citizenship.
Wajackoya became a sensation in Kenya after he declared his presidential bid and said he will legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in order to generate revenue.
He has also said he will venture into snake farming to generate more revenue for the country.
He divulged that toxins extracted from farmed poisonous snakes is worth a fortune in the anti-venom market and can drive Kenya’s economy alongside weed farming.
“We are introducing snake farming in the country so that we can extract snake poison for the purposes of medication. A lot of people are bitten by snakes in this country and you have to wait for doses from outside the country through pharmaceutical cooperation,” Wajackoyah said.
After the extraction of snake poison, Wajackoyah said the snake will be exported as food to countries where the reptile is a delicacy.
This, he said, will generate revenue that can offset the country’s huge debt.
“We have so many snake eaters like the Chinese. One of the ways we are going to offset the Chinese debt is by extracting the poison from the snakes and giving the Chinese the meat to eat and telling them to offset the debt.”
The presidential candidate is one of the four who IEBC gave a nod to vie for the top seat in the August 9, polls.
Others are ODM leader Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto of UDA, and Agano’s David Wahiga Mwaure.
Wajackoyah has also gone viral for proposing radical measures such as suspending the Kenyan Constitution and ruling with an iron fist if elected.
The measures, he says, will enable him to turn around the country’s economic fortune and eradicate corruption.

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He appears a jocker until you take your time to analyse what his proposals are all about. Kama umewahi tembea you should realise he has a rough idea on what needs to be done I like assimio la ujinga na Kenya kwisha. Ruto and Raila have all been about hubris and spurious claims that can’t stand scrutiny. Ruto has been unable to explain bottoms up all this days while Raila will have a hard time explaining what he meant by redefining Treasury’s role in budget making.

Me too. I thought he was a joker until I listened to his ideas. I wish I registered to vote.

Unfortunately most Kenyans aren’t ready for this guy. He is too progressive for this nation.

The odds are against him, he can’t make it. But there’s another way of benefitting from everyone’s brilliant idea (coz really it’s ideas that matter, not persons): you support a candidate that has sway over the majority, and when he wins, you bring in all the great ideas for debate in parliament, because it’s a country of millions of people, and there’s a cultural trend that you must consider, which won’t change overnight. If they pass, you’ll have scored; if not, perhaps they weren’t so great afterall.

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