George Soros


So he is going deaf. If I had billions like him, I would use a good chunk of that to dsicver how to stay young forever. The science is promising but the funding in limited

Ngozi yake inakaa ya chura. He looks pathetic. Heri kuwa mwafrika. Siwezi salimia mtu anakaa ivo na mkono

mbna huyu msee hutajatajwa ovyo ovyo?ni deep state wa US ama?

George Soros was born 90 years ago in Budapest, Hungary. He makes more news Weekly on ktalk than any news media in the world.

Among other things, he almost “Broke” the Bank of England…

This the pseudo gringos’ god?:D:D:D

So this one is the USA antichrist :D:D:D

The Jews remain undefeated. You put down one, another one rises.

the face of the devil

Chinese refer to him ar a financial terrorist and bunch him together with osama bin laden and the japanese shrinkiyo terrorist cult. They have a firing squad on standby especially for him only.

Just an old man with a lot of time and money on his hands.

The people who will suffer most when he dies are conspiracy theorists. What will they talk about?

huyu ndiyo anataka kupitisha bibiyai

:D:D afadhali chura

The one who rules the world. The begotten son of Satan himuselefu