Wassup,I bought na car battery in march this year…sasa imechapa!.

Kindly nipeni leads to where I can buy a genuine car battery,that comes with a warranty…

Natanguliza shukrani zangu!

Amaron battery will give you good service life.

Nitaipata wapi? kindly

Wanted to create a similar thread. Wacha tungoje maoni

Chloride exide.

Hii ndio meffi of all meffi batteries.
My diesel SUV imegonga moja kila mwaka the past two years, this was after I’d replaced the OEM battery. First one I returned under warranty then the replacement gave in after around same time.


My two cars are on chloride exide and am very happy.

Is it the battery or where you brought it from.

I bought it from chloride exide shop. Go figure…

Fika bei Energizer

Battery life sometimes depends on temperature in the engine bay. Chloride exide service free on diesel offroad lasts me three years. It will last slightly shorter in hot weather. If it lasts only one year, check your charging system.

I’ve had a chloride exide maintenance free in my Toyora passo for the last three years and still going strong.

Amaron ama Bosch battery

Charging System yako iko sawa kweli? Although pia inasemekana how Battery lifespan is dependent on how you use it.

OP venye umeambiwa Amaron is the go to Battery, make sure umepata warranty izi vitu ni pata potea

Chloride Exide imeshikilia since Dec 2018 na before hiyo was another Exide for the longest time. Zangu napenda za kuweka maji, kutingisha tingisha ovyo ovyo and they are good. I check levels often and religiously nione cell moja haiangushi squad. I never liked MF. Nikiwa in the field for a long time better to have a small solar panel and at least a PWM charge controller to keep the trickle charge in. Very important also kuhakikisha alternator yako iko sawa, the charging system and something that is oft overlooked, the condition of the cables to the battery especially hizo contact zake with the lugs and also whether the lugs have clean solid contact with the terminals. Team Exide hoyeeeeee

Sasa inaonekana hio passo Ina perform at 98% efficiency juu ya weight yako mzito Ina saidia charging system from being overworked kudos kanono

have used chloride exide since July 2018, never had any issue,. though i see folks hyping amaron or energizer, mostly sellers

Sometimes you land on a good battery,at times on a bonoko… Chloride Exide been having complaints for a while now…Amaron batteries are a better alternative

Buy Kenyan chloride exide build Kenya. Buy baniani Amaron build India. #KenyaFirst

Chloride Exide is shit, the moment you get an issue with their battery you will know the fuckers’ real face. Hao ni umbwa without any self-respect. They are thieves. Go to their social media and see the tears from their customers.