Genetic code the thing that remains with us forever

To some a religion is the most important determination of who they are and what they’re about. To others its a political ideology or cause and not a religion. Consider this tho. Neither of those two examples are a constant. A religious man can change his religion or even abandon it altogether. Many have and do. As for political ideologies, people change those all the time, even on the fringes. There are Fascists who began out as Communists and vice versa. Again, one could even abandon both and all political ideologies. There’s one thing that you cannot abandon or alter and that’s your genetic code. Its a constant and what you have at birth is what you’ll have all of your life. Not only does that genetic code go a long way to determining your psyche as a person, it carries with it millennia of ancestral history. To that end, I would always consider your genetic code to be more permanent and more worthy of your time and respect than an ideology or religion. Discuss. :eyes:

Dem ame bleach does her DNA genome change to that of white Caucasian monkeys.