Any Ideas to hit back once a Friend dissapoints and ddoes not seem to mind?
Well it all started 6 Months ago, i lend a Close Friend my Laptop for a project he was working on in Campus and the Dude was in a fix, Since i was not using mine so much i i gave him mine to use as a Friend and he was to bring it back once he is done, Guy used it for almost three months.
He took so long until i decided to Inquire, i was so pissed when he told me that the machine broke off and he was working with a local technician to fix, i was mad but a bit easy. Eventually they where not able to Fix the problem, i politely asked him to hand it over to me so that i can fix it at my own cost since i had important Docs that i did not want to loose, He never brought it back, he dallied and once again He Vanished back to Campus with the Computer, i still maintained our Friendship anyway, after like a month he came back we met and interacted a bit, i was surprised to learn that he had Purchased a new Lappy Bana, He still maintains that he has the one that belongs to me and that we will have to sell it as a dead Laptop. How should i deal with the situation.

Your laptop was sold 3 months ago, pole. Blame yourself for loving others more than you love yourself. The great teacher warned us against giving our good things to swine, as recorded by St. Mathew, the evangelist. You should be more firm, otherwise next time utakuliwa bibi.
Borrow his new laptop, and take it into mandatory self quarantine, hadi arudishe yako ikiwa vile iko, kama unataka kuiuza kama scrap utaamua, but kwanza alete uione.

revenge is best served cold , so wewe kula bibi yake 3 months

Am surprised that you are still “frens” with him, the guy clearly does not respect you.

Cut him off.

Next time siwezi shangaa akikuja kukuomba mkia, unamzoesha vibaya. Ni kama tu mtu akuje akuonbe pesa, umpee. Next time same case. Ukimkataza atakuchukulia vibaya

Stop being too nice! This world ukiwa hivo buana watu watakufanya kama door mat

It’s simple, try to find a way to “borrow” his laptop and do unto him what he did unto you.

I had such friends. Every Friday tulikuwa tunaenda kulewa tao but bill ikiletwa maumbwa zinajifanya zime chew blackout so I end up paying the bill.
Nilijiambia heri nitafute Vivian wa SJ ambaye nimetomba nimununulie fobe na food nimtombe later kuliko kununulia hizo ng’ombe fobe tena

Juice na laptop never mix, hope you get what am trying to say here. Just an oops moment, twice

Pretend you have an urgent doc you need to write and submit it in 2 days. Go borrow him a laptop for 2 days, then pretend again it dropped and you have taken it to a technician. If he needs his back he should bring yours in a working condition as you gave him. Your problem is not being generous but the need to liked, people take kindness and humbleness as weakness. My friend it will cost you so much if you don’t learn to be firm, set boundaries.

The truth is that you are a gullible person who is easily manipulated by friends. Be a bit assertive and harsh when circumstances demand.

Chukua iyo yake[/SIZE]

Lambisha kunguru yake kuni

You nailed it. Fairweather friends.

He needs with a quickness to chalk that up as a loss. Move on. He doesn’t need “friends” like him.

Dude just turn up with a friend and demand your ‘dead’ laptop and count your losses. Na hiyo generosity utawacha.
I learnt the hard way!!!

Lesson learnt. Over 80% of persons(male) who owe me never payed back. I stopped lending. 99% of women who have borrowed from me never repaid or paid less that the agreed amount. Nowadays I never expect back what I “lend” out , and I give a max of 50% of what they ask, if I am convinced they deserve help! Gives me peace of mind, and we remain friends.

Yeah, maboiz kurudisha deni ni balaa sana kwanza ukiwa singo bila familia nao wawe nazo they assume una dooh na utaelewa.
Heri kupea dem deni, akishindwa kulipa you can always propose to cancel it out na kuma…lakini machali nil

Jamaa Fanta hivi, tafuta kimsee kinakaa sura ndimu muandamane na yeye mtafute huyo beste yako, mshow huyo jamaa ilimkopesha doo na saa umeshidwa kulipa sasa unataka huyo msee sura mbaya akae na lapi kama security.
Akikatalia huyu msee wako a mwambie basi atampea lapi yake Mpya mpaka Ile siku atapata yako, mwisho we muichukue mwende nayo heri hiyo ubeste iishe, hiyo ni leech I say