Generational wealth

In all my years that I have been near wypipo, I have NEVER seen them flaunt their cash, yet they are the custodians of wealth in the world. Infact, 99% of trust fund heirs are white and sometimes huwezi jua they have fortunes running into several billion dollars. But hawa kasins wa @Akon City II wanataka kuflaunt a few thousand dollars that their label imewapea and 5 years down the line, they are moonlighting to pay bills. @Akon City II wasspaping?

True style never shouts

Gotta flex on the gram nomsayin
[SPOILER=“5 years later”]

@TrumanCapote come eat some dessert here

Money talks, wealth whispers.

Generational wealth depends on whether your family can keep on siring capable sons. Aliko Dangote is a 4th generation heir, managing the billions left behind by his great grandfather Alhassan Dantata. Whether that wealth will survive 80 more years depends on the quality of his offspring, not the amount of wealth he has right now.

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Its part of the work. How would any ghetto youth listen to their music if they won’t show y’all that they came out the hood and now they are flossing. Can you imagine a rap song without women, guns, pool parties, Lamborghinis and ice, expensive liquor and cash.

I know it’s kinda hard for you to figure this out but don’t nobody want to listen to a modest rapper. Not in the US ghettos anyway. You have to look like what their dreams are made of. Ice, alcohol , girls, luxe cars and most importantly the Benjamins. That is the idea of being rich in the inner cities.

You remember Mauki bros and other gangstas in Eastlands, Gaza? All the photos were bling, cash and guns.

Being rich means different things to different people. For ghetto people conspicuous consumption is what being loaded is all about. In showbiz especially black music industry its the same. What’s the point of being rich if nobody else will notice it?

You need to interrogate people’s motivation and background before handing them pejorative labels. Everyone has a reason why they do what they do, how they do it.

Kapondi umesema ukwelo

There are white ethnicities that are flashy. Italians, Slavs and Middle Easterners come to mind. Just like there are black ethnicities that are flashy, e.g Yoruba and Jaruos. Let’s not fall into excessive generalizations

couldnt say it any better

Italians were not considered white as recently as 1920, Slavs were purged alongside Jews, Romanis and others and for Middle Eastern, ask yourself why Turkey hasn’t ascended to EU yet smaller economies like Kosovo, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Slovenia are inside.

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