Generational Poverty

Kuna thread ingine hapo imefanya nione why majority us black bonobos can never leave ghettos and inner cities hata huko majuu.

Shida ni bonoboz wanataka kuzaana kama panya kama hawana anything kwa mfuko.

I have read many grown men trying to justify having 3 kids with 30k or less salo hii Kanairo. Their excuse “life haina blueprint”. If you make stupid irreversible decisions and justify with “life haina blueprint” you will be signing up for a lifetime of misery.

The press does not do the society any justice when they keep airing success stories from the ghetto instead of advising negroes how to avoid landing in the ghetto in the first place. Out of one success story, there are 50 who didn’t make it out of that life.

One of the reasons people find themselves in the ghetto is having children before they have sufficient income to sustain a life outside the ghetto.

Seriously, how do you expect to raise 3 kids with below 30k salo in a city like Nairobi?? Inevitably utajipata Mathare ama Kibera and it is just basic arithmetic.

Even worse, due to your financial obligations, you will remain trapped in that life for the rest of your life. The odds of you ever leaving the ghetto under such circumstances are slim to none.

Meanwhile, mwenye alingoja akuwe stable kidogo and get a few kids, he will afford a better life, and better education for his kid. With better education, that kid will break the cycle of poverty easily.

Life is not linear, but that does not justify making stupid mistakes with your money with life-long consequences. Why would you walk into a guaranteed miserable life that is incredibly difficult to escape, just to have children??

The government should implement a law to discourage people from giving birth to kids they cannot feed (china style). One bedroom-one child policy.

This post itachoma watu wengi sana juu it covers a good number of you bonoboz raising kids in bedsitters. But sometimes you need someone to talk sense into you akwambie ukizaa kama panya you are condemning yourself and your children into generational poverty.

Marriage and having children is only sensible to people with stable and sufficient income to give them a quality life.

Kama hujafika bei kaa ngumu as a bachelor/spinster and work on your finances first. We need to stop encouraging mediocrity among negroes.

@Azor Ahai i learned along time ago that the vast majority of bonobos are beyond help

Children are great and serve an important evolutionary and social function/role…but only if you can afford them. I wouldn’t criticize a billionaire for having twenty children because he can afford them all by giving them a balanced diet, decent accommodation, healthcare, education, etc. Lakini ni maskini utaona pale Korogocho having 5 kids unapologetically and wondering why he/she is poor.

You don’t have to be a multimillionaire. Lakini ukipata the first kid at least afford kuishi 2-bedroom decent mahali as the absolute bare minimum, kufinance hiyo family, na kubaki na decent savings for a rainy day or for investment. Hapa Kanairo that puts it at 50k+ absolute minimum income per month for one kid and that’s if you are really frugal.

Hii ni 100% true… CHILDREN ARE THE NUMBER CAUSE OF POVERTY…but in the past they were a source of wealth juu hawakuwa wanaenda shule so school fees hakukuwa na bills mingi kama za stima,tv,medical emergencies,rent,maji bla bla alafu kumbuka ulishamada kuwasomesha siku hizi wanakosa kazi kabisa juu hauna connections na juu wazungu wanatengeza/washatengeneza computers and AI robot za kureplace workers kwa companies between 2030-2050 plus wasichana wakaanza kuzalia kwako … childen in the past used to creat wealth through hunting and gathering,kulima,kulisha ngombe,mbuzi na kuku,kuchota maji kwa river na kuchoma bricks za kujenga from as early as 5 years na pia kuna mahari after kuozwa…how times have changed

@MtuRandom wewe ukona wangapi? Tuanzie apo

What about those with one kid and in the ghetto? One mzee toldme kama hujaonaukitajirika between 25 and 35, acceptyou are poor. Zaa ata wawili labda wao ndo watakutajirisha

I post nothing but the enlightened truth ghaseer

Hakuna kitu huuma peasant kama kumwambia “You are poor because you have kids you can’t afford”. By the way, never tell anyone this in real life juu you will end up in the hospital.

Although well intended advice, it fails to understand that most people will never
get that comfortable salary or job, most people live hand to mouth in this country
earning maybe 200 bob a day for food, rent and all other expenses.

Are you telling these people not to have children?

because lets face it here although some may see a change in their situation most will remain poor for most of their lives due to a corrupt employment system, lack of education, lack of opportunities.It’s why you see young people crossing the Mediterranean everyday.

That is the reality of not being born to a well off family in this country, you likely don’t finish school and
end up doing low paying jobs, you may never see a comfortable job, so when are you supposed to have kids even though you didn’t chose not to be wealthy?

Saying one should not have 3 kids just because they earn 30k is a bit rich coming from you. Each to their own. It’s not for you to define other people’s lives.

You could be earning 30k and your wife is making 20k. That combined income can sustain a family of 3 kids well in a low income residential area.

MGTOW = Freeedom! Habana tambua watoi chieth.

  • From a childless bachelor with millions in his bank account and attends Formula 1 Grand Prixs as a pastime


Kwani hijaona nimesema Kanairo?? Obviously the amount varies but the principle is the same. Don’t get kids you can’t afford.

“tafuta bibi na watoto wakulange hio pesa” bonobo proverb

You’re an idealist but you have to know most people don’t have that luxury of doing life the ideal way. Having kids is not only a biological urge but a source of personal fulfillment for mankind. Everything you’ve said is fair and true but if you’re gonna live with people, you must use your tongue to soften the harsh economic realities facing them. My hubby’s younger cousin called him yesterday akiwa very excited because he’s one of the best engineering graduates in his class. Hubs has been his motivation from long ago so he gets the breaking news. His starting salary is 45k gross, but he’s very excited coz most of his classmates have no jobs to look forward to. It was not the time to tell him that 45k in kanairo is poverty wages. Just be happy for guys having kids in non-ideal settings and leave it at that.

If what you say is true, hii extreme yako is also dumb in my opinion. Kama una pesa, kukaa ukiwa bachelor ni ujinga. You are living below your potential. But it is still better than getting kids you cant feed.

Are you telling me not to tell people the truth because they won’t like it??

About your brother in law, it definitely wasn’t the time. But you will have to tell him at some point. Luckily for him, engineering is a good career and akiwa mjanja kuna mashimo mingi sana za kukulia. Also, as an engineer, he is probably already smart enough to know that it would be dumb getting kids with that income.

Dude it’s insensitive. Wacha watu waishi maisha yao. As I said there are people managing well with a combined salary of 50k and even less and have kids. Not everyone goes to malls to shop. It’s a no brainer.

The truth hurts. Get over it.

Ujinga? You have no idea what you are saying kid

Huyo ako kwa mhindi na atajui Nairobi is one big rat race that u will never win as long as u are working for muhindi. But we all start from somewhere