Generational curses: ladies be very careful and keen about the pple you give birth for

Wah. Kumbe sio Bahati mbaya. So Chiras mom was wife 3 and she and her cowives all died. Chiras dad is in Kamiti as are various men in Chiras dad’s family. In all families after the wife gives birth she’s chased and must raise kids by herself. The men are serious criminals. Ladies can we be doing background check before opening our legs. The spirit of the fathers lineage wasn’t going to let this boy live to be a success. So scary…Maybe his dad raped someone in Kamiti for all we know.

Chira was gay with HIV. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


If you think Karma ain’t real see this. Chiras dad and his brothers were all HIV positive and they were maliciously infecting women and underage girls knowingly hiding their HIV status.

Horror Monkey GIF by Shudder
@TrumanCapote what a SheBoon.

Single moms
Hence all the ills
Gays…thugs…drag queens
Better a present chimpanzee
Than none