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Aseno adds that despite Miguna’s attacks on the NASA leader, the Canadian lawyer had also carried unframed portraits of Odinga which he was selling for Sh5,000.

Because of Miguna running his mouth, he did not sell a single portrait and the donations became very few to the extent that most supplied had to take a cut for the sake of Miguna,” Aseno stated.

In the end, Miguna received Sh 119,500 (USD 1195) from the fundraiser, and Sh15000 (USD 150) from the photos.

Miguna 'robbed' during US visit | Pulselive Kenya

Now that Raila is in Jubilee Miguna Miguna is your new obsession?


The road to Canaan


‘a fund raiser to assist him settle legal bills and fix the broken doors at his Runda house.’

Hawa reporters, did they have to add the doors part, and runda in the same phrase.

Mwenye alichora hiyo fake barabara anaonwa na mungu.

:D:D:D:D :D:D:D:D:D

Hiyo ni njia ya Canaan

Auze hiyo nyumba aende syokimau

That’s trial by fire. Associate with Miguna at your own peril. I’m sure these guys thought he would be a good attraction. They failed to realize that the nigga flies off the handle like a bat out of hell.

On Sonko’s plea for suggestions for Deputy Gafna…

DonMark Murimi said: “Miguna can fit there…but the mistake is he will outshine u…he will make you his subject and pretend to be the boss.”

Dave Pengele gave a similar opinion. He said: “Ati Millicent Omanga??? Miguna will outshine you mpaka u (until you) resign ka Igathe don’t try… most preferably John Gakuo I believe he’ll do something for Nairobi.”

Miguna is toxic.

most people I think were taken by surprise when mm came back into the fold,but I think they were desperate and at their ends, anything that seemed to work was welcome - I am sure they breathed a sigh of relief once he was deported, who knows baba might have thanked uk during their meeting for that.

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