General Ogolla the new Chief of the Defence Forces - KDF

Age must have caught up with him - the three stars go home at 62.

True, Gen Ogolla will soon be gone - am sure he is around 62 meaning he has only 2 years, then the real choice of the president will take over.

Jaluo moja ameshikwa na jaluo ingine imepewa cheo. Game za Nabii1

Ni venye tu jambas hangerukisha kalejinga laini juu hakutaka kukasirisha jeshi.

Nimeona kuna some Kalenjins under his deputy…some watch dogs lazima

It is said Moi offered to extend his term but he told Moi that he could not break his own rules. The guy turned out military from a militia to a professional military

Hauwezi kubali. Maneno ya DoD achia wenye wanaelewa going ons tu…

mmesahau ruto is the commander in chief !

Tainted with NMS corruption

He saw the light before Baba. Do your thing Sir.

Kaa kitako ufunzwe baba. Villagers wako DoD, villagers wako Dandora, villagers wako Shakahola. Villagers wanajua kila kitu.

Remember the rotation pattern is Navy, Army, and the Air force to promote equity among the three branches. Kibicho was from the Army, so it was apparent the next CDF would be from the Air Force, and Ogolla happened to be the most respected senior officer in that branch. Therefore, even though he is nearing retirement, still it won’t be easy for the C-in-C to appoint a person of his liking because the next CDF will come from the Navy, which already has its succession in order i.e. General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier e.t.c. So, it will just be a matter of identifying who is next in line from the Navy to replace General Ogolla.

So. Ogolla will stay for how long

Huyo Tonje was a great guy but not as much as people praise him, Moi realized he was finally leaving and needed to protect Kalenjins that he had promoted unfairly… so he pretended to bring some professionalism so that Kibaki’s men or at least if the opposition took over… there would not be radical surgeries to weed out men from “ript palley”

What i would be looking for are the promotions to VCGS in the coming months… There will be a few Kaleos there…

I would say he will hold the position till 2027 because Chief of the KDF serves a single term of 4 years, no second term. I don’t think Gen. Ogolla is anywhere close to the mandatory retirement age of 62 yet. He is probably in his fifties. So, i believe he will complete his full term.

BADI ni ile ghassia ya Nairobi county na Sonko ?

RAO sasa acheze 82 na boy wa home.

Unifunze nini na mimi niko kwa circles za intel? Usikuwe mjuaji wa kila kitu

tulia. ya shakahola hamyajui lakini ya DoD mnajua?

Ruto aliwekewa traps all over. There is no way he could have by passed ogolla otherwise there would be unwarranted factions inside the DOD.