General Mwathethe kukula mapera soft.

KenGen has named Retired General Samson Mwathethe as Chairman of the KenGen Board. [ATTACH=full]332391[/ATTACH]

:D:D:Dkwani electric currents obey orders???

Uhuru ni mtoto wa umbwa doggie

When people retire They should be allowed to go home and rest.

So that he can be in ‘charge’?

Chairman of the board is more of a honorary position with some insane allowances.

Ndio wasichana wanasponsor wakufe njaa? You are very inconsiderate. These old guys have pussy bills to pay

He’ll be the ‘current’ embezzler

corona akitamba vizuri, atawafagia wote namna alifagia kule italy na kazi zitarudi kwa vijana.
Usipinge matarajio yangu kabla hujajiuliza nani aliwaforce kurudisha shamba ya Lake Nakuru.

hope atapeleka discipline huko

hii ndio kurest in ‘power’

watu wamespend 16 hours a day kwa ofisi 20 years mpaka nyumbani wanasikia kama wako strangers
very uncomfortable
wana afadhalisha kubaki ofisi

The idea of the political class co-opting important military figures into their feeding trough is nothing new. In kenya it was established in Mois time and susequent leaders have kept that tradition

Somebody explained this, I think it was a former police spokesman.

Alisema when Generals leave the service, they are transitioned into civilian life through public service duties for some years, I think up to six years. This gives them time to re-acclimatise with life as a civilian.
They have dedicated their life to specific systems and they need to hit the reset button.

Civil servants dont do 16 hours a day

He was a good general

I will create half a million jobs for the youth every year, he said.