General Miguna

Why does this general who calls Uhuruto the despotic duo block everyone who he does not agree with him.
Does this guy suffer from some form of mental illness?? i think soon he will peel the mask of Rao again.

He’s just a buffoon.

That guy obviously has a mental disorder, but he is better than some sober guys.

He blocked me in 2016 and still expected me to vote him in Nairobi Ngafana.

My gavana, Miguna squared, has a fragile ego. Maneno ni kuunderstand mwanaume. Huyo unapapasa kama paka na ukimchokoza, atakugwara. In other words, he is a pussy.

na wewe @pamba huwa uko na umama kiasi

Miguna is a mental case…

I told you guys, there’s another instalment of Peeling back the mask coming. I think he just wanted to be in a position to get the material he needs. I think he’s broke too and no one can stand him.

He sounds like someone we all know.

Lakini si mimi ni mama? Unataka nikuwe na ubaba?

Ile picha ya keeper kama amebaki pekee kwa pitch iko wapi

So true @my purple