General Bakuli's Travails

“The despots have denied me entry! They are insisting that I must enter as a foreigner on a visa. I will not and cannot agree. My advocates appear either too weak or compromised,” Dr Miguna said.

Miguna arrives in Nairobi amid citizenship controversy | Nation

If this oaf offends his advocates, who’ll help him?

he he …he expects his lawyers to take his punches

If he’s allowed in, we’ll never hear the end of it.

Bro, his lawyers were Soweto, Orengo and Khaminwa, presumably have abandoned him (non-payments?). His latest choice of Cliff Ombeta speaks for itself as to what lies ahead. He also defends illegal immigrants.

Cliff Ombeta does not do pro bono. Generali might soon find auctioneers pinning a notice on his Runda property.

Amerudisha sleepers? That is state property he left with. He should know RAT doesn’t want a spoiler for Winnie. He should be careful.


500,000 NRM followers?

He is dealing with someone who understands the criminal mindset inside out and has identified an irresistible opportunity (we know where the Akasha’s are now).

[INDENT]How much do your suits cost?[/INDENT]
[INDENT]I can’t buy suits for Sh30,000 because that is what many people buy. My suits are personally fitted by celebrated stylists and the cheapest is about Sh170,000. The figure goes up to Sh500,000.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]During the Akasha case, you were pictured crying in court when you won the case…[/INDENT]
[INDENT]The Akasha bond case was the hardest case I have ever been involved in. When they were finally released on Sh60 million bond, as others were celebrating, their mother came to me, and hugged me, then kissed me on my forehead. She kissed me on both cheeks and hugged me. I was so touched, I started crying.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]What sort of student were you in school?[/INDENT]
[INDENT]I went to Friends School Kamusinga where I was suspended several times and finally cleared my A-Level at Koilel Secondary School. I was expelled from Jamhuri because I threw a firecracker at a teacher. It was boyhood excitement and the cracker by bad luck landed on a teacher. At Highway, I was expelled because a teacher found us gambling and decided to punish me, but I felt the punishment was too severe, so I refused and they opted to expel me. I have always had a strong sense of fairness. [/INDENT]

You have to give it to opposition leaders, they are rumbling force of drama, chaos and hot air. Following them at your own risk.

Unless Ombeta is doing it for media exposure, Miguna will soon be regretting his return to Nairobi. The other lawyer still trying to get involved is Nelson Havi, but his skills and experience fall short.

Indeed, yes, he must have given Generali wrong legal advice, IDs are only valid for travel to/from Uganda and Rwanda not Canada by any means

Miguna has apparently failed to follow process if he seeks to use his Canadian passport (and supposed claim to Kenyan citizenship) for entry. The court order did not waive compliance with any law or regulation which is what Havi seems to suggest:
Endorsement of passport of other countries.
8. (1) The passport of any other country that is held by a dual citizen may, upon application by the holder, be endorsed to indicate that the holder is a citizen of Kenya.
(2) A dual citizen may apply for endorsement under paragraph (1) in Form 4 setout in the First Schedule.
(3) A dual citizen whose passport of another country has been endorsed under paragraph (1) may use the passport to enter into or exit out of Kenya and shall be exempted from visa, pass or permit requirements.

Let his stew in the arrivals lounge for a few days as they rush to their brethren in Machakos high court for an injunction no 1007.

I thought ni kitu ya maana

The man from Macha, is he the own who stopped Warsame from vetting

Orengo is still missing in action, the multiplicity of legal actions and orders has caught up with Generali

For you to be a member of a commission, you must be vetted. Unless ofcourse you had already been vetted before. Now odunga will do the needful and wouldnt state which law has been broken. If President Uhuru nominates persons and they are vetted who do this judges think they are? They aren’t above the law.


He is there taking milk and a cake in solidarity. It might be a long night for the General.

canadian high commissioner mwenye ali-intervene mtu wao akubaliwe kwenda nyumbani sasa amwendee no man’s land.

Reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie “the Terminal”.

Who allowed lawyers in the arrivals hall?

I saw some KAA employees hi-fiving Generali and shouting TIBIM! Is Miguna worth losing a job for?