Genelo mwitu taken to school.

Genelo mwitu taken to school on issues pertaing immigration by judge

And that was has been genelo mwitus
UNDER BELLY all along.

Esta la vista judge hedwing.

Court order lepoma is real.

And most affected is that orangatan

And a few lawyers hapa nairobi.

Banch of thugs.

Kenya is not a failed state.

Arudi toronto @ kmc lawyer office needs a really dedicated reaserch assitant.

Viva la victoria,

NRM gucanos!!

Miguna will be back in the country once a new president takes over from Gatheca. Whether it’s Raila or Ruto

General Miguna has written his name on people’s hearts, unlike Raila who bribes city council officials to have his name on a street signpost

Yes, He has the liberty to come back but with only one star.

Sorry, one ugly scar on his forehead.

Arudi kama raia wakawaithda.

Why the fuck you writing kama mtu hako na kigugumizi …


Unfortunately he only got 9k votes for governor while a crook got 900k. You can’t eat people’s hearts.

[SIZE=5]The illiterate drug peddling crook acquired those votes fraudulently, which is why I refused to concede. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Understood? Zombie?[/SIZE]

Pig, you don’t make sense. What’s there to concede when you are dead last in a race. Didn’t you know he was going to steal. Still living in a world of illusions running a campaign on Twitter. Since when do Mathare residents log into Twitter to read your electric rail system plans for the city when can hardly afford a meal?

[SIZE=5]Listen here Crooked Moses Wetangula: As long as the supposed victor of a competition is illegitimate, the entire race is rendered NULL and VOID. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Lastly, unlike you and your fellow impunity merchants I believe that Kenyans deserve MODERN state-of-the-art infrastructure. The light rail system is just one among many promises in my agenda.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Learn to use your brain once in a while.[/SIZE]

When did you defect to jenerali wazimu. The last time i checked you were offering to eject him from JKIA and forcefully make him board Boeing 737 max. After u have given him 4 deadly uppercut aendee akakifie huko na hio Boeing death trap.

Miguna is cut from the same clothe as Arror, he resolves what to do and does what he resolves

Any president who brings back MM will have made a mess of himself.

The thankless idiot will come back with even more hate and bravado than before.

Kenyans need to eat first before building light rails to Runda. Election was held valid by the courts. So your words are empty rhetoric. Governor enjoyed a tenure of office while you are freezing in the cold Canadian tundra. And inbox me the day Kenyan elections are legitimate ( that is the day you don’t lose).

72 hours and counting.

Leave that old oragatan kaminwa alone.

Court order lepoma has no cure.

I m sure canada provide best health coverage.

Court order lepoma ni yako na cabal of lazy ass lawyers hapa nairobi.


Listen to that T.P OK JAZZ SONG by Matre Franko luwambo makiyadi.


There was already a court order from 5 years ago. Why would he think anything has changed.

miguna might never be back because.

  1. he will obviously fuel political instability.
  2. He will challenge Raila’s domain or whoever will be leading that sector at the time.
    he can be used to cut down raila but given his unpredictability you never know they might gangup and be a real problem and make the country ungovernable.

Let him get a face lift before walking into our embasses abroad.

Ati na kipande!

Thou yawa!!

Don’t forget that he was labeled as a mad man. So nobody really takes him seriously. In fact before the Raila inauguration, he was in a back burner of people’s minds. He only has relevance as long as Raila is something.

do not underestimate him. there is a reason they are afraid of him and go to great lengths to keep him away. He is capable of fanning militancy.


Dont peel the musk.

Mother winter will do the rest.