Gen Miguna asks kenyans to tackle PANDEMICS head on, githeri media not spared


am very certain hawa jamaa injected this dude with some substance pale JKIA…problem is it was supposed to make him a common naked marketplace madman but it instead turned him into a different animal

At what point did this guy start working for Ruto? 2008? 2006?

Cc. @sani

The general is a respected village elder here, ask him directly.

No wonder Raila stopped trusting him many years ago. Kumbe he was a Ruto mole?

What did Ruto promise him I wonder?

Miguna Miguna has been a man of integrity all his life, promoting virtue and exposing vice

This is the nonsense gullible Kenyans keep being subjected to and you keep taking sides.
Are you bewitched, out of your minds or what?
In case your short memories are too far gone to remember the three of them were founder members of the Orange party in 2005.

Flashback to 2007
2019 todate.

And you are still taking sides.
When will Kenyans snap out of this foolishness, who cursed you?

He was instrumental in letting Ruto off the ICC hook, he thought the dynamic Duo would aid him capture the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat, and after failing miserable, he went back to Baba.
The guy is as power hungry, as those he accuses of the same.

It now makes sense why he wrote peeling back the mask. :smiley:


I wonder during the 2017 swearing in of the “people’s president” was it crafted by Ruto and Miguna?

Did Ruto want Raila to be jailed in the process?

Did Uhuru later call Raila and tell him, “Buda this guy wanted me to kill you. He has been playing both of us!”


Remember after the handshake Miguna was booted out of Kenya.

LootAll man is a


Mzee amejikojolea jameni?

I dunno. In this instance is he lying? He can go off the rails with the insults and is generally unworkable in a team but he’s a straight shooter