Gen. Idi Amin Dada- President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979

Watching his old interviews, This gentleman comes off quite affable and not the demagogue he’s been painted to be…
friendly and sharp sana vile alifurusha wahindi and clearly understood the geopolitics of the Mid east . He was no pushover to rule over UG for so lonng


The mofo was street smart. When it came to Arab politics surely he was a pro.

The word buffoon is only used to describe African presidents. Donald Trump has engaged in a lot of buffoonery but we’re not reminded of it 24/7. It’s true what you say, nobody rises to become president by chance. He had to be very calculating to do that. This guy joined the King’s African Rifles as a cook and by the time Uganda got independence he was a major. By 1965 he was already head of the army. How do you get promoted so rapidly if you’re not a bloody good soldier? Out of all the other “non-buffoon” soldiers, the British and Ugandans chose to promote him to that position? If he hadn’t been removed by the Tanzanians, he’d have probably ruled for another 2 decades or more.

Africans dont know their history. Fidel Castro of Cuba, the country kenya borrows doctors from, cut links with Israel after Amins speech. He was trained in Israel, and his philosophy on the Economy was sober. My view of Amin is different from what is taught in the media. Few Africans match him

I totally agree. The only thing this guy lacked was an education so he seemed out of his depth on the international stage. But raw intelligence, he had,

yeah am also intrigued kumbe he was an Israeli-trained paratrooper. One of the best no doubt. All I ever learnt about the man growing up was the Entebbe hostage debacle and sijui upuzi za cannibalism…Right now coz of internet knowledge am like realllly nigga…A whole cannibal prezzo?

angalia video zake YouTube, he double crossed Israel when he discovered they wanted to use him. And he was an all rounded person. Angalia video zile real acha movie

wish we had done the same, those guys held the economy hostage during the entire rule of moi. Only kibaki broke their strangle hold on the economy

They wanted to use him to piss off Egypt with the Nile?

forget Moi’s time man, the stranglehold is complete today under the Jumbilee mboys. Yaani manufacturing, wholesale n distribution, insurance, aviation, private hospitals… tumeachia hawa coolies tu hivo. Every major town in jamu these people run the show #SMH
Kenya needs a reset asap

You need to watch that scene of Ugandan servicemen jumping off a makeshift aircraft on the ground.

Have you been watching CNN and liberal media? Hii victim mentality Africans wako nayo mpaka they celebrate the likes of Amin and Mugabe ni ujinga mtupu.

Eti CNN na liberal media? In one sentence? Umekwisha potea wewe.

Mbuzi wewe. What side does CNN always take? Conservative? Jinga.

There is no solid evidence that the tyrant was a cannibal, I think many thought so due to the portrayal by Olita in the rise and fall. And that film was directed and produced by Indians, if I’m not wrong. So they had to portray the dictator in the worst way possible.

wewe ni mgeni Jerusalem

I didn’t celebrate him, I merely stated his portrayal in mainstream media vastly differs from the reality. No one who was that stupid could ascend to the presidency and maintain his grip for nearly a decade, where supposedly more intelligent people like Milton Obote had failed.

Another thing to note is that these people only become villains after falling out with the west. The propaganda against Amin intensified after he chased out Asians and after the Entebbe crisis. If he was always that evil, how come the British kept promoting him when he was a soldier in the KAR? Are we to believe that he suddenly became evil only after becoming president?

Sarkozy rolled out the red carpet for Gadaffi, but when the Libyan leader changed his mind about buying Rafael jets and allowing Total to mine the most profitable Libyan oil fields, they suddenly remembered how evil he was. Libyans had to be saved from this madman.

On Mugabe, the only thing I disagreed with was his plan to become president for life. Otherwise, I endorse his land seizures 100%. The west keeps telling us he “violently” seized white-owned farms, but somehow keep forgetting that during negotiations for Zimbabwe’s independence, there was an agreement as to how the white-owned farms would be returned to Zimbabweans. That’s the reason why they were fighting in the first place, so what’s the point of being independent if the whites still own your land.

The British government repeatedly ignored the agreement that was signed. Mugabe started seizing land after Britain broke its part of the deal. Listening to western media, you’d think he just woke up one morning and ordered the seizures. Look at this witch deliberately ignoring that part about the Lancaster agreement.

So am I supposed to blindly condemn anyone the west tells me is an evil person?

Wow. This, I did not know…

Am talking bout the Gen must have been a mighty good soldier to rise so high so fast. Just asking for a balanced debate on the nature of the man…HE couldn’t have been all bad as painted by fake news media (BBC,CNN,BET et al)
Remember UG has some of the most professional soldiers on the continent thats why they kicked Kenyan police outta Migingo like child’s play. How many Al Shabaab attacks have you heard of in Champala despite putting on a show in Somalia?