GEMs for sale

Any value?[ATTACH=full]258749[/ATTACH]

What’s this, Tanzanite?

Green garnet and blue sapphire from North Eastern Ke.

Nope. Has to follow the 4cs. Hapo hamna chochote.


Cut, clarity, colour, carat…look it up. It has to meet some basic threshold. Is it clear? What’s the size? Hows the color?

looks like crushed obsidian

Hizi zinakaa Firestone zile za white lakini ziko na marangi

They are raw, and fractured, let him try and cut a few, then we can see what he has.
@Vincelly87 , try digging a little bit deeper, and see what you will come up with.

Bruv hapo sioni…even when raw it has to be somewhat translucent or transparent…akikata itabaki size ya mchele

Like @Kahuni Maisha amesema, dig deeper …follow the reef and be patient…usiskie overnight success stories za watu wa mawe…this is one of the industries kuchezwa ni seconds…uatapa mali saf…then ukipata nirushie inbox