GEMA shall lie low in Baba's govt-Junet Mohammed


it does’nt matter, my Ruto will ship this shabaab back to his country.

Baba should leash his dogs before he starts losing votes.

Alshabab warudi kwao.

If baba lands this seat the old Mt Kenya hegemony will be wiped out. there will be a new Mt Kenya and Kalenjin guard consisting of yes men. Is it a bad thing? maybe no but probably yes. even here on kenya talk I see ODMers playing harmless, but dont swallow the bait. junet is just a fool who doesnt know to keep things baba blurts in private out bottled.

But baba is a goner na hatoboi, yeye ni bondo xpress come August 22

That implies any self-respecting HUMAN BEING was going to vote for him

Fulls like these that don’t bring any substantial votes to tinga but keep running their mouth like rabid dogs, remember kalonzo in the last election. He may think it’s funny but at this point in time when elections are around the corner you don’t utter such statement coz elections in this country are usually an emotional affair. The sad thing is that tinga never learns about this things keeps doing same thing over and over expect different results

Is things really learned?