GEMA people..... why Ruto not Raila?

Why has GEMA embraced Ruto and not Raila. Both of these guys have got an history of being hated in GEMA. After 2007 elections and post election violence and even upto 2013 Ruto was the most hated person in GEMA and so Raila.
But Ruto appears to have managed to change his fortunes after supporting Uhuru two terms and whatever. But Raila after even supporting Kibaki in 2002 and now Uhuru through handshake has not managed to change his fortunes in the mountain.
What has Ruto done well in GEMA region that had caused his hatred by the Kikuyu to dissipate which Raila on the other hand has not yet done so as to change his fortunes there?

Because most of them are just idiots, with a warthog memory. The same way walichagua mibabe wa kivita

He has worked hard to woo them. Most of the weekends ako huko na tuharambees

Tuliona vyenye alipigia Uhuru campaign in 2017, that’s where it all started.

It is Uhuru who decided to walk away from the Jubilee voters by doing handshakes and forming coalitions with KANU.
There was no other choice for the voters than to continue the journey with Ruto.

They embraced Raila in 2002…then he decided to fall out with kibaki

They embraced ruto in 2013 then he decided to fall out with uhuru.

We are the ones who decide who will be president. We have settled on Ruto as the next PORK. Don’t listen to haters and distractors

Uhuru betrayed his own people.

Chifu Mbuta wewe mi jibaba, probably 40 years stading at a 5’7 weighing a measly 50kgs lakini badala you work on your health bado unafikiria vitu ya kukukondesha kabisa.

Hahahaha. Usipende weight kubwa especially huu wakati wa Corona brother. Corona and excessive body weight ni kama petroli na kiberiti

No, he saved them from the enemy. And like during the times of Moses, the people have forgotten and started worshiping idols. They will go crying again at Ichaweri for “moses” to help them when the next PEV hits a few yrs from now.

Kiuks hate jango’s
Raila represents jango’s

Ruto has shown kiuks that he’s the only one who can hate Raila to the full

Kiuks love that

Remember at one time,kiuks rallied behind water melon
There was this rally in kirinyaga…I think it was in march 2012 just before the launch of TNA… where over 20 central Kenya MPs said melon is the next prezzo…melon naye never wasted time ,70% of his speeches was about raila

If someone else can prove to kiuks that he’s ready to assassinate Raila and kick luos out the Kenya, ruto support among the mountain will fizzle out Kama craze ya quails of 2013

Although kiuks suffered in 2007 post election violence, it is seen as Raila fight not Ruto’s. Remember that campaign was perceived as 42 against 1 and chief campaigner of this being Raila. So it is easier for Ruto to be embraced in central than Raila

Kusema ukweli I was following the 2007 campaigns and one could guess violence was inevitable. The toxic speeches from the two …I will never forget. I’d actually urinate on their graves of they die like today

Good question!!! I say heri Raila kuliko Ruto. Na mimi ni mkikuyu. Raila achukue kabogo kama deputy tumtume state house.

You must be young or stupid Kikuyu if u can vote for a Kalenjin. Which tribe has hurt Kikuyus more than Kalenjins? Alafu you vote for Kale kama president.

are those the only people who died during the post election violence, or are they special because they died in a church? are they special than Msando and the people killed in Kondele in 2017? Ama ni vile ni watu ya central

Telling a lie a million times does not make it stick. Kikuyus do not hate Luos enmasse. It is Jakuon they don’t want to hear about.

Was raila responsible in 1992 and 1997 when kikuyus were branded madoadoa and targeted in RV? FYI in 2007 kaleos took advantage of the election dispute to further their madoadoa agenda and that is why while the luo were in the streets asking for electoral justice, kaleos were roaming the RV countryside robbing, raping, killing and evicting kikuyus. The problems in RV have nothing to do with raila and he was only sucked into the mess in 2007 because ruto’s people were in odm with ruto being a pentagon member.

Well put… Kaleos took advantage of ground well prepared. Mt. Kenya hate Raila as a person not tribe. 1992 and 1997 Ruto was still learning the ropes of Kenyan politics