Kama hali yako yasababisha usiweze kufuga mbuzi, geese are suitable and viable alternatives. They are easy to rear if you live out there in the countryside kwa sababu they generally fend for themselves, perhaps better than chicken whilst being less of a nuisance and a wrecking force. As an investment they fetch beautiful money because of their status of strong contenders in the category of ornamental birds.

But, perhaps more sensible to the ladies, kama umefuga hawa mabata, you will realise that you don’t remember the last time you saw a frog/toad hopping around your compound, if not in the house! That’s all thanks to the wonderful GEESES! And that’s an area where they earn unassailable bonus points for themselves. Frogs and toads are delicacies to these birds na mabata wote in general. And by eating the frogs, they don’t just eliminate them, but they also consequentially keep snakes away. Mind you that they also eat snakes!

GEESES will also alert you when there is an intruder/stranger, whether a person or an animal, in your compound.

So, by rearing hawa ndege utakua unauwa ndege kadhaa na jiwe moja!

naeza toa wapi hii kuku?

Nafikiri you might want to search for their eggs, of course ukijichunga na scammers! Little knowledge I have about them is that a kws license is mandatory before everything else. Good it is not as expensive as one might fear. But the birds themselves are as expensive as a brand new TVS motorcycle, if not more expensive! And to think that you might want to buy a pair, a cock-Tausi and a hen-Kibibi.

Sasa utasema pesa no problem. OK. Swali ni, wapi tapata Tausi na Kibibi?!!!

You forgot to say ukilisha, usahau na nyasi kwa compound. Same case na Sheep. Advise wachimbe ka water bath ziwe zinaoga. They are naturally good

Water bath muhimu sana. Wakikosa water bath in the compound, they will wander to great distances away looking for a place with enough water to immerse!

Singular: Goose
Plural: Geese