My Toyota vibrates at 40-45 kph after which it stops. Iv done everything to try n deal with it to no avail. Iv changed tyres, rims, engine mount, done wheel balancing, alignment.

Could this be a gearbox problem. If so how much is a gearbox for an avensis

Vitu kama hizi ndio zinanifanya sitaki kununua gari tena.Stress tupu.Kwani nitakuwa na pelekea makanika mshahara yangu kila wakati.

Umepeleka kwa wale watu na computer watafute error code?

Could be plugs and all, my two cents maybe kuna moja haichomi, or the cables from the plugs to wherever they go or something electric related…
Fuel pump je!
Mr @Makonika njoo bana saidia diagnosis…

Hiki ki mtu ni kia pikiki za below 50cc.Hiyo ya gari inaenza mpea depression akufe.

tumefanya. Didnt sort the problem


Oh almost forgot maybe mitoto imeweka kitu kwenye exhaust pipe kule… Dah so much to cross off your checklist…

Guilty as charged.

Could be engine mountings or the engine fan has a few missing blades thus the shaking at low speeds but the shaking reduces at higher speeds

Have your mechanic clean the throttle

Plausible… peleka kwa jamaa diagnostic the machine will pick up right away. Kama uko thika road nitakupea msee ako machine.

The issue is with the stabilizer links,badilisha na make sure mechanic akaze poa.

Peasant anthem.

All you suggesting diagnosis need to get serious.

Shaking at 40-45 is a mechanical issue. Hii haitawasha CEL or any other sensor operated diagnostic light.

@Kibokoyao your problem lies in one of the following.

  1. Driveshaft(s).
  2. Hubs.
  3. Rack ends/ tie rods/ control arms bushings etc.

Gearbox nope.
Basically mechanical components of the front suspension assembly. Start with the driveshafts. Have them checked for balance on a machine even if they look physically ok.
Ikiwa sorted tuletee feedback.

Most likely

Please let’s us know once rectified , who had the closest guess…:cool:

I was goign to suggest this as well. you may also want to check your tire. i had a wobbly tire and the car shook like an epileptic. changed that and subaru iko smooth kama matako ya mtoto.

just out of curiosity why change tires, rims, mounts, and balancing if it vibrates and stops - I am assuming its the engine that stops.

Assuming it consistently stops at 40-45, then that would mean something that happens to the engine at that speed, is not working properly - does it behave the way a manual car behaves with a beginner driver who is too exited with the clutch.

Shaking stops not the engine.
Comprehension passages ulikua unapata ngapi hehe?