Gear Box Issues

Any time i quickly engage gear no 3, it gets ‘vomited’ unless i do it slowly and gently. It only gear no 3 which behaves roughly n weirdly the rest engages smoothly. Wat could be worn out?

Your skills


cheza tu… hiyo gearbox ikichapa ndo utajua umuhimu wa kujifunza kuendesha gari

Sounds like the gearbox is already waving good bye

Your synchronizer.

I suspect so coz recently even while on move unaweza pata imejitoa hio gear hivyo tu.

You are still on a manual GB?

Ni Golf? kuna cheque injin?

Yep, synchronizer.
OP, the synchro can be replaced na irudi form. But park the car until then otherwise utanunua whole gearbox.
PS: ignore some comments hapa. they are on gimp rides which change gears for them