GB WhatsApp 5.5

i haven’t seen difference on this updates

Neither,sometimes i just update it ili iache kusumbua

Can’t use gb, its an unofficial app, maybe the developers have a backdoor

Just use Parallel space and you can have double apps running simultaneously .

seriously whats that most important u do on WhatsApp. paranoia will kill u

check the changelog the base is always uodated[ATTACH=full]96015[/ATTACH]

that second feature enabling hiding feature is what I’ve like most in the update. I am now able to hide chats za watu najua hua wanatuma crazy photos na zile messages hua zina threaten mtu to forward to sijui 5 ma at 10 people


Here is the GBWhatsapp latest version APK Download Link
this version 5.80 has got lot more new updates.