Gazeti ziwache propaganda, Ohuru spent the money well

But Unye looks like he literally swallowed all that money!

This is him in 2015…


Vs him in 2022. Neck has been swallowed by body! Cannot even lift his head properly!!!


Its like as one set of wheelbarrows was rolling into town, another was carting away mbirrions pale CBK

The money was spent to construct the eastern bypass, lamu-garissa road, makupa cause way, Armed forces hospital, paying nzoia sugar farmers, fuel and unga subsidies etc etc. How does the githeri media then say eti Ohuru alifagia pesa and yet we are enjoying the newly dualled eastern bypass daily?

Which Unga subsidy?. Millers wanadai serikali billions .

This one. Tulinunua unga 90 bob. Wuachana na cartels that want to be paid twice.

Mnafilisisha Millers, Nabii was wise kutupilia mbali unga subsidy manake angerithi deni la Konyagi.