Gaza War Threatens To Spillover As Missiles From Lebanon & Yemen Fly Towards Israel

Hezbollah in Lebanon are launching their missiles towards Israel as Houthis in Yemen fire theirs over the Red Sea towards Israel.

The whole thing is getting messier by the day. In US, UK, France, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Holland and many other nations there are thousands of PRO-palestine demos. This time a 2 State Solution is the only way out.

Fvck Israel.

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Will be waiting at Meggido.

Songa sana


Ile generation iko sawa hii iko connected via internet and can see the atrocities of Israel on Palestine. This is not 1939, information spreads fast.

Jews are getting isolated allover the world even in Western countries such as UK, France and even the USA. Hope this war spreads Westwards na ya Ukraine Zi merge into one big orgy.


Katembeee. Americunts have been exposed as a weaklings after they were chased like rabid dogs by Taliban in Afghanistan. Next we are uprooting them from Syria and Iraq.
Warudishe ushoga huko Atlantic ocean.


Believe it or not, WWIII is here with us. Hapa Iran pia lazima waingizwe ndanii ndani kwa hii mix wapende wasipende.

It’ll be interesting to see how Russia responds to this now that the focus (and funding) has been drawn away from the Ukraine war.

The war should spill over even to the protectorates , the system should be reseted just like world war 1&2 . Without enough blood spilled things will be bad . We should die in large numbers and urgently

God should save his children coz the hate growing against them is astronomical. Even in the United States of sodomites kuna shida Sana, Israel is located at heart of Arab pigs. They should be given north eastern which is bigger than their country and we give neta-NYAHU presidency afterall mbwa sakayo has proven to be a slut and incompetent as fuck . Tel Aviv should be located to garissa and we massacre the zoomali scambags residing there , am sure wakamba being the submissive cunts we are will welcome the idea . I won’t forget my cows slaughtered by those filthy scams with their swords and guns . We will be protected by GGGGOD and IDF . Then the Arab pigs will fornicate on that holy land and achieve nothing. Later the Arab pigs will start sending rockets here in Kenya to kill innocent Jews tena . Have done my analysis and it’s not the land the Arabs are after they are after killing Israelis

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Fucking Arab pigs are losers. They will always lose the battle against Israel. Arab pigs should be eliminated everywhere.