Gaza Hospital Strike Ignites Riots In Muslim Nations Of Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iran

The strike on a Gaza Strip hospital that killed at least 500 Palestinians has sparked protests and riots in several Muslim-majority countries on Tuesday night, including Lebanon, Jordan, and Türkiye.

In Beirut, where the pro-Palestinian militant group Hezbollah has called for “a day of unprecedented anger,” protesters gathered in font of the US embassy building in the Awkar neighborhood.

They threw stones at the security fence and attempted to scale it. Police responded by firing volleys of tear gas and used water cannons to contain the crowds.


to remove any doubt

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I think sasa kila mtu arudi kwao. All Muslims in Europe to be deported to Middle East and Israelis to take up their places. Sounds nice?


Hii vita ikishikana na ya Ukraine EU yote itanunga mbaya sana


then everything online ni CGI

Israel made it clear if terrorists are hiding in schools, hospitals or mosques, that is where they will bomb. You cannot attack people alafu mnakimbia kujificha kwa hospital. Also, if that hospital is treating terrorists then it needs to come down.


Hamas wainue mkono

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The goyyim aggressors deserve no mercy!


Total Mudslime Death. Kikes must prevail

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Enyewe majamaa hata kama ni kupenda hio kitu.


Only a coward bombs hospitals

Goyim Defender Olympics :joy::joy:

They bomb a Christian hospital but evangelicals still believe that “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”

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goyyim supporter :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

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al ahli is a christian hospital

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Lakini hii mbwa si ingenyamaza Tu coz from analysis hio bomb ni ya IDF made in United states of apartheid

Israel is no longer trying to hide its crimes, while the European Union and most European states are actively involved in covering up for them.

In this tweet, Hananya Naftali, an adviser to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announced the bombing of the hospital in Gaza by the Israeli Air Force, justifying the bombing because, he claimed, there were Hamas men hiding inside.

But as soon as they saw how many civilians were killed, he deleted this tweet and the Israeli government went on a disinformation campaign trying to blame the attack on Hamas.

Nonsense Arab propaganda
It was caused by Hamas “friendly fire”:rofl: :joy: :fire:

This is Direct Evidence that the Explosion was indeed caused by a Misfired-Rocket and not by an Israeli Airstrike.

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