So democrats might just go for a homo guy to face trump??

Hawa wameisha
I see them loosing the majority in Congress come November

As long as he isn’t screwed in his mouth which may affect his thinking I see no problem kina midgets will gladly vote him

if a woman cant win the presidency …a fag*t will?

Yep,grab 'em by them scrots:D:D:D

Hii kitu waapishe msito Trump au vipi @patco waache kuaribu pesa raia bure.

Democrats wameisha…forget the media popularizing homosexuality,kwa ground vitu ni different

MTU hushinda Iowa caucus huchukua party ticket. Jamaa homo amechukua Iowa. Good news for anko Trump

I think hapa ni ukarabati democrats wamefanya since Sanders alikuwa amechukua.

Huyo ghassia Sanders alikuwa na heart attack juzi tu, anakaa tu kudedi . too old a cat

Whoever they choose as their torch bearer has serious problems which Trump will exploit (though he must be careful with Buttigieg).

Buttigieg (bootyjej)- He’s g**. Even dyed-in-the-wool democrats won’t accept an openly gay president
Sanders- the establishment hates him. Plus he’s old, sickly and is way too left leaning (socialist)
Warren- out of touch brainiac, her Ivory tower policies aren’t practical
Biden- he has no new ideas, very boring old man

#KAG 2020!

We can’t vote for Rainbow

Na sanders amenyamaza tuu?

Naona akipata heart attack ingine