Gay brothels in the CBD

Any leads for such brothels that cater to men with an exclusive taste?

Asanteni sana wakubwa

Kirinyaga road is the headquarters pia jaribu luthuli avenue karibu na kericho east

Sawa baba


Homosexual saitan cheka na mwenzako hapo juu

I hope you don’t mean me

Ulijuaje spot za mashoste my friend?

Humbwer hii basi unafanya nini kwa hii thread

Brare umbwa kama @uwesmake

It’s not what you think

kwanza weka picha yako nione kama nyuma yako iko sawa.

Nitaweka ya @Kimakia

Weka tuone

Niaje mkubwa

Niko salama,ndio nimeingia kwa bed buana

Wank polepole ghassia hii

Your fathers must be real proud of the men you turned out to be gents

According to biology the only body orifice adapted for insertion of things centimeters wide is a vagina. Anal sphincter muscle are destroyed by inserting a penis and consequences are extreme like uncontrolled farting and egestion. Otherwise why are you gays? Vagina is warm, wet and a curveous host to hold as you pump .


Isaid sometime back our young men have turned into anus fucking bonobos , just walk in asupermarket and go to the toilets section you will see tonnes and tonnes of adult diapers meaning kabati zinabomolewa mbaya mbofu Hulu nje .

Why are you Gay?