Gatundu hospital

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Leo nimesema nipitie uko nione vile pesa ilitumika…

At this age and time we are still building normal and not storeyed houses? At least it should have been 3 floors. Wastage of pesa na land.

@ chloe…i think u can see 5 story block at the back …with around 3 elevators

Trust @Chloe to be the most dense talker at every opportunity

Wakanesa, umekula nini leo.

This hospital is a donation from China. When President Uhuru was elected MP Gatundu in 2007, he was sent by former President Kibaki to represent him in the China Africa development talks in Beijing. Former President Kibaki was still busy trying to piece back our economy due to PEV. On the sidelines of that meeting he met Chinese government and party leaders. Some of the free grants offered to nations was medical equipment’s. As Gatundu MP he secured a consignment of equipment for Gatundu Hospital. Soon when he came back he succeeded Michuki as finance minister. Now the equipments to be sent couldn’t fit the current hospital layout and they stayed on in China until a solution is found. As finance minister the constant contacts with Chinese officials grew. Ministry of Health didn’t have a budget to expand Gatundu hospital while others nationwide needed urgent help. The Chinese government decided they couldn’t let the equipment stay on in storage for long. They offered to not only do the expansion but build a whole new hospital altogether. Work started in 2010 and ended in 2014. Slow due to red tape. The funds is sent here, passed with the same national budget then paid to the Chinese contractors to build using local materials. It was his last act as Gatundu MP, negotiate a brand new Level 5 hospital which is fully equipped.

And what did Babuon negotiate for Kibera as an Mp for all those years? Food for thought to all dim eyed orangutans and NRM fellows alike.

Very nice, heard of it but haven’t seen it.