Why do ktalkers refer to Uhunye as Gathecha?

Ukijua pia sisi tuambie.

Sababu hua anatheca (kudunga) sana

which talkers?

Its YOU who does! :smiley:

Gathecha ni cuzo yake,wacha upuss

Delusions zao

We can relate if it was Gicheha…

Kuna jamaa alikuwa anatesa sana Thika Road, sanasana Juja with his custom “Gathecha” number plates. Naskianga he was owner wa Juja Capital Center and relatives wa Uhuru. Unfortunately he died in his Toyota Crown in an accident. So probably it is a family name.

Only stupid talkers do that

Baba ya mamake anaitwa Gathecha.

Gatheca is his mom’s maiden name. She is the daughter of Chief Muhoho wa Gatheca. His family that appears in the news from the death of his cousin Michael to Kenya Power manenos are Gathecas. Even the former Kiambu women rep is a Gatheca. The Kamaus, Ngengis and Muigais (his father’s side) are a tad quiet.

Side ya mama wamewekwa fiti sana.

Call Guka to come and defend the family name