Gathecha speaks

summary pris

A 50% percent reduction of the VAT on fuel levy from 16% to 8% has been proposed. The ball is in Bunge’s court to pass it.

Damage is already done.

cheki,ambia iyo mbwa hatuna haja na iyo ufala yake

hehehe semantics tupu

ile upuss ako nayo…mimi kama thuraku sipendi

Huyo bazenga has to be the biggest joker. He is blaming new constitution for the rise on wage bill and that’s why he is imposing VAT on petroleum products on poor Kenyans. What a fucker

Instead of agitating for change in the way the local govt is constituted to reduce the number of county governments and eventually reduce the county workforce which will reduce the number of corrupt employees thereby reducing recurrent expenditure…,ni hii upussss

only in fuel ama overall reduction in VAT from 16% to 8%?

Ile msemo ya wishes na horses…

Petroleum products only.

Mattercore yye. I wonder why and how the ferk i woke up at 4 to have those 2 losers in S.H.

He has said bold decisions however painful must be taken so as to move the country forward.

That’s mbullchit.
The only bold decisions we need to make are:

  1. Reduce the number of counties to 12 max.
  2. Reduce the number of constituencies and ward.
  3. Abolish Senate.
  4. Vote these two guys out.

Woman rep na nominated MCA’s pia watolewe.

Pewa like. Iyo msemo ya bold decisions imeniudhi sana. Bold decisions kitu gani. Bold decisions would be like him waking up one morning and renouncing the illegitimately aquired family land. Where was his boldness when demolitions stopped because Ruto’s hotel was starting to get mentioned,what happens to his boldness when members of his cabinet and family get implicated in mega corruption scandals…is his boldness on a hike when Kenyan citizens inside Kenyan borders get harrassed by Ethiopian, Somalian, Ugandan people and police? his supposed boldness does not improve or stimulate the economy one inch coz its an attempt to fill budget holes created by none other than his government! If we were a country with no president since 2013 hadi saa hii, we would be in a far much better place with less debt, better economy, cheaper basic commodities, and yes cheaper fuel products

i like how ur thinking

i ruff u

Unamuita mbwa na ulikuwa Unapayukapayuka kama fala jinsi hakuna smart ass kama yeye Aug last year? Africans have no msimamo!!!