Gathecha goes to see what Nyamakima people are crying about.

[SIZE=7]President Kenyatta Makes Impromptu Visit To Embakasi Depot After Distress Calls From Traders[/SIZE]
by Wycliffeabout 4 hours ago

President Uhuru kenyatta makes impromptu visit at Embakasi deport over seized goods / Courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday morning made an impromptu visit to the Embakasi Inland Container Depot (ICD) where seized containers are being detained.
According to a statement from State House, the president’s visit was prompted by distress calls from traders whose goods have been confiscated.
The President was accompanied by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and PS Karanja Kibicho.
Also present were heads of the multi-agency task force led by Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti.
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It was not immediately actions that will follow after the visit.

The visit comes weeks after clearing agents staged demos at the deport after being denied entry into Kenya Revenue Authorities (KRA) for unknown reasons.
According to sources who spoke to Kahawa Tungu, KRA officials are only allowing entry to agents who are known to give bribes, while others are locked out.
The agents accuse the head of the bureau Mr Irungu of orchestrating corruption in the facility.
In the recent past, traders have accused customs official at Data Processing Centre, Kilindini Mombasa of frustrating importers and delaying of clearance of goods.
“Documents lodged at the DPC are taking too long to be processed yet the exercise is simple and can take only a few hours. The unnecessary delay is meant to blackmail clients and importers to offer bribes through brokers who pass the loot to senior customs officers,” claimed a clearing agent.

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The delays often make importers to dig deeper into their pockets to cater for storage and demurrage costs, a source who sought anonymity revealed to a local media.
“It unnecessarily takes long to verify consignments and release them. They use this delaying tactic to coerce importers to give bribes. Customs officials at Toyo Container Terminal work the way they want including reporting to work at their own time complicating matters,” the source said.


Anashindwa mbona watu watu hawa nunuwi vitu mpya ! let them eat cake !

@Macharia wa kamau ndio iyo Mali Mali zako.

Ndio maana tunasema na @maizeroaster maybe it’s time we imported a guillotine from that country called France. It seems to have worked for them. No more Kings and dynasties…

Leo wakisema Macron unatoka na hizo fuel tax zako Macron can only beg the workers quietly for mercy…

:D:D stop complaining and eat cake and mathwiti.

MMNN imesema amerudi huko tena.

But on this one at least he was trying to curb dumping. Or was it a political move because China is refusing to play ball as concerns SGR ? Who knows.

I think he is going to the wrong places. He should’ve visited industrial area and our universities to see what can be done to revive local manufacturing.


Sikujua Matiangi anakuwanga mfupi hivyo, he suffers from short-man syndrome. Yaani lazima ajifanye m-tough ndio watu wamchukulie serious.

:DMost likey the other guy had plans to visit so they pre-empted:D

Watu wengi wameumia

:smiley: whatever got the president to visit that early in the morning must have been urgent - maybe the other guy was planning a visit later on in the day :smiley:

Too late the damage is already done. It’s like chopping our hands off and then giving us a bandage to dress our wound. SHINDWE

And what is Matiang’i to do? Release substandard goods because the President demands it…

Huyu president hufanyisha watu kazi ngumu.

Sanaa… He countermands his own people.

He was going to open the UN Habitat conference and push his family’s construction company through the Affordable Housing Scam.

Don’t mess with Mama Ngina Kenyatta.