gatheca n tinga: Stop Attacking yourself in search of Sympathy

Yesterday, baba n wanjohi hired goons to attack their properties so that they can at least gain some backing from the people. They should stop these shenanigans. Anyway, niliwaambia mambo ni mos mos, tutalainisha wote!

Anus licker umerudi na urongo

That lie should have worked against uhuru /raila if police were on site

Ume amua kunyonga na WSR Leo asubuhi

:smiley: I have been expecting this from spin master @Berlin Oxford since yesterday evening and you haven’t disappointed. Am actually expecting you to hire some dozens of idle youth then coach them to say Uhuru hired them to attack his own farm

They don’t control state organs anymore.

umelamba gachagua’s behind hadi ulimi imefika sphincter… ni kidogo tu uguze ulimi… these mental gymnastics

Stage managed or not, hio incident ya Northland city has brought the Azimio team back to Earth. The thought they had monopoly of Violence, they now realize kumbe sivyo.
Game ni rough, kaende kaende

hakuna mtu imeshtua… it just made the community look stupid

Exactly. uhuru thought he has the monopoly to destroy other people’s businesses by sponsoring demos. Amejua hajui. I think sai amepigiwa kelele na mama ndovu. Atakoma.

Police were busy with demostrators

How? This guy is funding maandamano

Urongoooo protestors were busy calming the police down

Io ya spectre industries ndio kidogo tumeishuku… But Northlands ni kazi ya Riggy G and Kimani.

Uko Twitter your Azimio leaders wanalia venye things are getting out of hand, wanataka jeshi iingilie sasa. Last week they were okay with destruction of common man business! Hii imewa hit hard

imewagonga sana. The owner of the barking dog has been hit. I expect maandamano to be halted

wapi effidence?

Wrong approach, maandamano haiwezi isha any time soon. Infact yesterday incident has emboldened the cabal

Hapa Rigathi alijitia dole manyuu vilivyo.For as long as International Media inasema hivi hakuna vile mtageuza hii story.


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