Gatheca hataki jokes


What tha f?

Isn’t that another legal battle ?

hii ndio kurevisit?

The suspension was on the recommendation of JSC and according to news reports she suffers “mental incapacity”.

Who is judge Mary muzoni?

She is mentally incapacitated…muwache sensation headlines

An Environment and Land Court judge

Hii ndio tunaita ‘re-re-re-re-visiting.’ Sasa tunangoja a ‘re-re-re-re-re-visiting’ from the judiciary

@kush yule mnono acha tabia za githeri media

Sensational reporting…shenji sana.

Sawa mujamaa. Nmewacha

Kwani ni sister ya @spear ?

It’s not revisiting. The woman is mentally unwell. But she should have been quietly asked to resign instead of exposing her mental incapacity.

kichwa imeruka… despot ni msafi hapa

It’s possible she was asked to resign but she is not convinced that she is mentally ill (like all psychiatric patients are…). Have you ever tried to convince someone with mental incapacity to do something?

Yes, that Seattle diaper mauler.
Tried telling it to cut the crap but it loves it too much

umbwa hapana leta misinformation hapa

tell these fools!!!

BBI ilipita like you were predicting? Lamba wounds bila kusumbua