Gatheca Has Lost Hope with his Project. Ameenda Underground!!!!

How can gatheca miss such an important function? Sources have revealed the reason. His choice for running mate wa peter Kenneth. gatheca does not trust karua. babu nikama aligundua ile game anachezewa akaamua ku stick na karua. This made gatheca lose interest in the project na ndio maana ata gideon moi left with kamelon. Gatheca has simply given up na ameanza kukubali Ruto is winning in August. Actually juzi alisema “wenye wanapiga kelele ngojeni mchukue serikali August muanze kazi”. That was a defeatist statement. Ameshakubali.

With all his CSs and handlers attending the function? He is at the top of this game…

:D:DThe game is officially on

Him missing was the best thing to ever happen to Rao campaigns…he should stay away kabisa

Raila is the lesser evil between yeye na Jambasi sugu. However, I do not think he has any agenda/manifesto. Raila just feels that he is owed the presidency by kenyans. Sio ati ako na any developmental agenda at all.

hio ilikua kuficha aibu. everyone expected gatheca to be present. kama anakosa such an occasion, do you expect him to go out to rallies to campagn? No way.

As stupid as your name

We don’t want Uhuru to campaign for Raila, especially in Mt. Kenya.
If that happens, Raila will gain more votes on the ground.

No more excuses anymore, the tickets are out. Final campaign stretch. Nataka kuona RARUA campaign in western, Ukambani, central. Let see how this optics from boardrooms sells kwa ground. We await Rigathi who is now incharge of all campaigns to give directions on the final lap.

si mlisema aachane na succession politics? Sasa iko nini?

hehe ujinga ni kipawa. And hutamuona tena. In fact, his appearance could have done some damaged na juu generally @spear ni mjinga haelewi ni kwanini

what you should be keen on is Weta and Mudvadi to campaign in Western without Ruto ndio mutajua hamujui

MARTHA Karua has not been picked because she is a woman, but because she is a qualified, couragious visionary leader, says Interior PS Karanja Kibicho.

Dr Kibicho is leading Kirinyaga residents in receiving Martha at her home following her nomination as Raila runningmate.

“We prayed for runningmate, we have seen God’s miracles. We are in celebrations,” KK says.

Kibicho said they were gathered to give her their blessings and release her to go and campaign in the rest of the country.

You cannot blame him. He has finally accepted the NIS reports on his table:D

Why do you type while trebling ? Game bado.

Watu walisema awache kujihusisha na transition politics.
Sasa amenyamaza imekuwa shida tena.
Well the guy has not been the best but kwani mnataka afanye aje…i see why he asked such a question sometime back

Day 1 of RARUA - Kirinyaga again. Rejected again. Team OPTICS mtalia from today to elections day.


Tuliza…vijana wa central tuliwaachia, especially the hired ones without voters cards…karua’s voters will appear on 8th

Huyu ni nani ako Kisumu na Raila?


is he campaigning?