Gatheca and the fascist government

If we aren’t careful, we will have a fascist system in which individuals will be prosecuted because of their height, body size, hair style, colour complexion, tribe, clan, sexual orientation etc. The words of President HarryTruman “that the buck stops Here” applies to the DPP.


Earlier at muthaiga as the professor was being released.


They know if the law is applied fairly and equally most of them will end up in the same situation.

Huyu mkora should be in jail too

It’s all about them

the lady on my right was a school mate… fuck???

you went to school with a socialite?

This thread is about lawyers, it’s not some expose, the views above and the people above are from the law fraternity

Chief, these are lawyers.


Yes chief, this are from the law society of Kenya, in support of the member of JSC who was arrested and then released

these are liars… believe me

Kwani lawyers cannot be socialites??? Hii ni nyama ya mkubwa… aka cum bucket ya moneyed guys

Wakora, rotten judiciary ,what happened to revisit, ama he was drunk

Crooks those

When did you start having faith in our corrupt rotten justice system. No looter will ever be found guilty. So don’t waste your time waiting for the court to decide. Judiciary is serving selfish interests : profits and private interests not public good , not protection of the constitution and rule of law for common good.

Next Governor loading…

kijana yenu ameguzwa? Asiguzwe tena?

Kijana yetu culture iko tofauti gani na fascism?

Hii jamaa unatetea hapa represents impunity kwa rotten system. Just look at his association with that thug qidero. I don’t care which of the week he is arrested, sisi hukamatwa na hatusumbui.

All in the guise of ‘constitution’. This constitution has turned out to be an excuse to some to hurt the country under the heavy protection of our ‘independent Judiciary’. To them, individual rights are always important than public good. It’s a big shame for the civil society to continue churning out awards to our Judiciary officers simply because they rule against the executive. The country is hurting and it’s high time our Judiciary come off their lofty high horses

It feels like the judiciary is more focused on proving that final powers rest with them, in spite of all efforts done by the executive… The judiciary continues to be the weakest link in the fight against corruption.