Gatheca ameimbiwo wimbo ndio aelewe.

Kwa ground mambo ni tofauti. Muigai wa Njoroge.

Sisi sio mungich

Hii mwaka ikakuwa mrefu, it will not be for the faint hearted. Only the very strong will survive this onslaught coming. I hope you are all ready. This is why I took a 3 week full rest to recharge and replenish myself. If you were keen then you noticed all Tanga Tanga leaders were all away from politics for those 3 weeks to rest. The plans and teams were decided by Dec 14th.

However remember the best political plans are dynamic, pragmatic and evolve from the source. That source is the grassroots up to the top. Not the other way round. What President Uhuru and handcheque team is facing is a ground swell of outburst of frustrations on his recent, current poor decisions on local and national issues. In 2018-2019 government domestic borrowing has taken every coin from banks that was meant for businesses and individuals for loans or credit. This brokenness should be government top priority not who isn’t supporting handcheque and “too young to retire”. DCI acts like the kanu youth wingers imposing loyalty tests on Jubilee leaders.

For now that ground swell of outbursts will only increase if the pockets remains empty, if each time someone speaks out is arrested or attacked by kibichooo bloggers and President Uhuru reacts in anger at them. That’s what they all need to know, you can’t dictate to people who only supported you in the past through vowing for their support. Especially if you have relegated the campaign pledges in favour of handcheque.

Tukunia :smiley: :smiley:
I’m done calling them uncle Tom’s, Tukunia is much better

Saa unatuambia nini wewe?!

When bad things were happening and anyone posted it here you termed them enemies of development…

Today in January 2020 ndio umeamka ukajua bad things have happened to the economy?!

Shenzi type.

If Uhuru and Ruto were still in tight marriage I’m sure you wouldn’t notice. You would still be posting photos here.

But because there is a divorce now you see the problems… unabeba watu wajinga sana.

Mnasema the king is naked

Noma Sana … Konyagi is naked ,he can’t say shit

Mdomo baggy take a stand you cant be changing tune every now and then!

Nyamaza. Kuna time ulikuwa unaweka threads mingi za Jubilee development. Rudi kwa shimo ya nyoka.

He’s telling us Ruto will fix everything, that’s why he wanna get to the Presidency with the current constitution.

Ako kwa diet ama nini.huyu jamaa amekata weight sana

Afadhali Idi Amin. Uhuru Motherfucker Bitch Mbwa Matako Kenyatta is the worst fool in this universe. (Coming from A Kikuyu who voted for him in 2013…2017 I voted for Raila because I saw this shit coming)

Kenyattas only heed force and strength.

A silly song by some disgruntled thuraku doesn’t mean shit to them.

You want Uhuru to start taking notice? Refuse to pay tax, boycott his family’s business and threaten to occupy his family’s grabbed land.

Til then furahi mnyambo ya panya