Gated "Estate": The New Scam

Pool some funds. Buy 20 acres in the middle of nowhere. Subdivide into plots. Erect a massive/intimidating gate. Gravel the roads inside the “estate”. Use computer programs to generate videos, artist impressions etc of the completed gated estate. If you still have some change left, erect a shell of a mansion in one of the plots. Finishing is not necessary but the shell is important. Advertise and sell those plots at a massive premium.


niaje @Some Say si utumie ile handle yako ya kawaida

o_O Yaa mischieth unasema nini

Reminds me of my avatar,the real Pamba at undisclosed location.

kitunguu inukeeeee

“New” scam ???

Ukiona oceans twelve or Hustle the BBC show, each scam is always a remake of another or a combination of scams put together.
Ordinary Kenyans never learn. Chini ya hii thread ni ile ya greenhouse.

Not entirely true… some estates are doing very well. Intially people thought dykio bustani was a scum but saai ukienda uko kuna mpaka wazungu wanjenga uko.

Meanwhile, Miguna Miguna leo amelala kwa street kama chokosh.

Wapi thermal?

whats so special about wazungu???

Value addition and no problem with that.

Getting 2 or 3 jungus is an addendum to the scam. Can you imagine telling a potential buyer, there is a possibility you will have a white neighbor :D:D:D:D, so Mkenya atanunua mara hiyo hiyo .

Nope, unlike us jungu do their due diligence before they make a decision on where to live. I can assure you that mtaa will among the best in the country.

Ati unlike us jungus this jungus that. Jungus are just as stupid/ as wise as us blary nyeuthi. Hii uppuss ya kuona jungu iko na better judgement than nyeuthi toa kwa akili kabisa

You are in the real estate/construction industry. Your opinion is biased.

Mzungu is a better monkey than you

Naambia watu that good/prime land is sold in low tones. But then hii midro crass never learns, ni wapi shamba hulipwa na Mmbesha. Eti booking fee hehehe…keen to make statement that they can stand on their own when they knkw zilch about lands. I know a jamaa who fast approaching multimillionaire status cus of this…5 years down the line.

Kibaya chajitembeza…