Gated community or scams ?

All over kiambu , mostly central region u will find a handful of incomplete gated communities all with same story… Client didn’t pay up , so project was hartled …

The owners of this projects build with the customers money , they demand u pay upfront…the blarryfakins will then build some funny 3 bedroom with cheap materials , then fly to diani kukamuliwa chuma … Akirudi project iko 30% …it changes to hidden n seeketh

Blame it on a bad business plan.
The developer starts a project na hana pesa ya kumaliza. Hopes potential customers will pay for the project. It doesnt work that way.
They should have enough money to complete the project. Then look at potential customers who are willing to invest with them. Wajiwekee threshold for the number of customers before embarking on the project.

ongeza bribes za nca nema kra na ncpb

Hapana nunua kwa gated community siku ata moja kenya, utaja juta badaye. Hapana nunua place inakaa dorm za shule, watu mia ama elfu kwa kiwanja moja. Rent

Most times the only thing that makes those projects fail is demand for bribes from all concerned GOK agencies, that are mandated to facilitate said projects.

Bribes cannot eat into a whole project unless you’re building illegally.

Most developers eat clients money. Period. It’s a well known fact the world over buying off plan is risky business.

You can do it in phases, So phase one is completed and then sales begin on it, and on and on onto phase 7. If the 1st phase is not shifting sales it best to abandoned the whole project and save money.

Gated community is a scam. Middle income wannabe huoshwa na muosha moja. If a new investor can come with prefab estates. Which takes shorter time to complete in time. He will wipe out this thieves in suit.

acha midorcrass wachunishwe skuma

Middrocrass problem