You are the official ktalk chairman but I have issues disputing your title

You have called kenyas third president Raila RAT more than a million times. I’m not luo but it’s so offensive for you a sixty year Elder old man to keep on doing that.

Go above your tribe and be a statesman like Introvert fuack couchchieth.

You should set a better precedent for us youths to respect our elders.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa nimelewa


Hiyo Prado kuna kelele kwa bonnet na hujaundisha.

Mgisu wachana na Kikuyu elders, ghasia

Why is the gibleys bottle empty?


And this is where we all knew that he had nuked the closet. Kuwaza wanaume wengine akiwa mulevi



:D:D:D I thought RAT was an acronym?
Raila Amolo ‘Tinga’.


Yani natajwa kwa thread moja na wazee na hata sijafikisha miaka thirty?
Quadrey banaaa…

Your kipara betrays you

Acronyms ni wewe @pseudonym We work with literal meanings Gilbeys or no Gilbeys…

Inaitwa gilbeys vapour. Very potent

Navy seal why are you drinking in the dark caves of Tora Bora na unafaa kua kazi

Cosmas nilkuwa nyuma yako high school.

Haiya ata wewe umeamua kuboma kabati…nyuma yake ulikuwa unafanya nini??

RPG pon de kabat.

Upuss + ulevi. Log out.