@gashwin Your Town

I was in your town and one remarkable thing, I didn’t hear any mourns from the adjacent hotel rooms although I knew some serious pipe was being laid. Question is, don’t Rware chics know how to encourage boy child, ata kama ni chocha? For that matter I had a peaceful night compared to my sojourns in Meru, Bamburi and Mtwapa.

sasa hukulala ukisikiza kama utasikia?

Fagget thread

So tuseme hukupata mafuta ya nduthi, arimis lives to see another day

actually this post raises lot of questions…how, for example, did he know piping took place?

Iko wagonjwa @Luther12 , talker anaenda lodging kusikiza muziki ya jirani.

   just some innocent observations, otherwise what else would a man and woman be doing checking into a guest house at 2am?

Nilienda kulala sio kusikiza

Boss you should be a CIA agent or FBI… Huna huruma

:D:D:D:D sweep

Shows that builders there don’t cut corners and do a fairly decent job.