gashwin spotted clubbing in tow a gouty momo

the other patrons nashuku ni @rollout @Female Perspective [ATTACH=full]51367[/ATTACH] headin out for threshold

Thought ni mimi pekee yangu husoma andy capp

Hio young couple yenye inasema “look at those two twist and shout” ni jay and his new love @Akeelah

Cc: @Wakanyama …mwoman wako yr ex akeelah nimem ingiza box pale inbox mseh…We chat a lot hata amenitumia ma nudes mungich… Meza wembe

i will murder you for that,nobody can take my bae @Akeelah from me while i am alive

Anasema u are not romantic at all and hates the way u thirst for every mwoman in Ktalk…Btw she is receiving me pale JKIA in September… Nko serious mseh

he he…someone will like this…

Birrionea hapana tambua dancefloor

i agree with you there sapionyama

Back in the days I decided I will start collecting those strips but niliwacha

Andy capp summarizes my life love for beer football sleeping anti church and spot on answers



I did:D:D:D hehe

Hapo kwa kukureceive JKIA in September ndo kuna tashwishi Jigranny… @Akeelah with all her peeping is a refined lady.

26 sep makofi na masweep ndiyo itamukaribisha