Gashwin=John Pombe

Hii handwriting and licking the government ass ni ya Gashui. Tukamalize karudi kwa fossils.


That Jizee makes money from Gava contracts and mainly the Uhuru arm of Jubilee, as clear as daylight. He never left the forum. He is TuTu hia among other handles. He does not care about you all bora his pockets are lined up properly.
Jizee will have a huge problem selling Uhuru to the younger generation who are on shosho media 24/7. Hehehehehehe…
None of those guys ever left. They crafted new handles and the brave ones kept their handles.

Uvundo jamani.


Chifu tumia SIM1 banae:D Wacha kutumia SIM2

:D:D:D nimenotice unapenda kuobserve hizi vitu sana

Oh Jesus…
See people business and leave it alone


Gashui is GOK personified. Anapelekwa na Landrover 110 ya GK


What/who is gashwin?

Your original handle on this forum

This is my first and only handle on this forum. Why am I as a Uhuru supporter being profiled? What happened to democracy and freedom of choice?

Watu wanacheza hapa. As long as his pockets are filled he is good. Afathali sisi who make empty noise without coins coming into our pockets.

Indeed, what happened to it?

Did we ever have it?

Or did we use it as collateral for a China/IMF loan?