Gas supply business

After reading another thread hapo chini on gas dispensers, wadau do you still think gas supply is a viable business in 2019? How do you outcompete akina Total na Oilibya? What are the margins?

Which part of the supply chain?

Get a strategic point and two nduthis for delivery. Its a good business.

The business is good,but invest in security,wezi wanapenda sana kuiba gas.If you are not ready to have good security please forget

My friend started. He closed shop soon after wards. It is a high volume low margin business. Kwa meko moja you get less than 200 bob. Ask yourself, how often do you refill? You must be in an area with very many people (homes) to make profit.

Still is a good business. Someone really close to me is on it, roughly 24 with about 4 branches in student locations pande za Juja,Kimbo. Starter in 2016 with 3 cylinders,saizi a single branch has over 100. Guy is out here buying plots

some people open businesses so you don’t doubt kule black money yao imetoka, ati nliona tu akianza haha…

am interested to know where to buy the cylinders please

Tafuta watu wa Pro gas on your way to Murang’a,not sure wapi. Kunazo pia apo Ruiru near the highway before the superhighway Ruiru stage. A bit pricy tho.