Gary Lineker is coming back on air...

The BBC will hire an independent expert to review its social media policy.


Was a great football

If the silent majority rise up this nonsense of towing the line on far left issues will end was so happy that fellow casters said phuk it if he’s not on air forget about us too ! next should be a majority rising up to say men cannot be women and get men out of female sports !

Lol y’all just hop on here and say anything. It was the far right that wanted him canceled. Most liberals are pro-immigration and Lineker opposed the plan by the current UK government which is Conservative to stop processing asylum to immigrants. Kama huelewi what’s going on, just ask nicely and you would be directed. Also Lineker supports trans people and I am sure you would term him a “far left”

Hey cum rug ! BBC wanted him cancelled for airing his views ! I dont care if they were left or right ! No one should lose their job for having a fukin opinion !!

Put it that way then. Sio kukimbia kucomment “far-left” without understanding what’s going on. Trust me we would still listen to you if you don’t include left-right buzzwords. It just exposes your low IQ.

Who is he and what did he do?