Gari Zinamelt Na Miti Haichomeki


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I wondered aloud right here, Who is burning Maui? They said it’s volcanic action. Wapi @Simiyu22

Conspiracy theory. Meffi


There is definitely more Q’s than A’s.

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You believe in what you heard…you believe in hear and say.
Bandit apana tambua ufala.

Could be volcanic, lighting, cause will come in due time.

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Stick to Facebook gossip

wanafukuza natives after kuua king wao


Anyone with a brain would know that Microwaves cause excitement in water molecules causing them to vibrate and generate heat. Tree contain water and you claim they were not affected but cars were.

This is all conspiracy theories bullshit

who said microwaves are the only type of energy. They may have developed anew one that only affects solids but not liquidis like trees ad humans