Gari Za Salvage

If you’ve been in the used car market you will know Nairobi imejaa gari takataka kabisa. I’m talking about price range ya below 1M. I realize small towns like Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret are slightly better.

Here’s my theory, Nairobi huwa salvage car dumpsite. Those are accident repaired and taken back to market. Smaller towns unapata more genuine sellers Kama watu wanauza for school fees and other urgent money needs.

Here’s an additional titbit. Hizo gari zote mnaona zinabebwa na maji Nairobi na Dubai are coming to a marketplace near you. Make sure you do pre-purchase inspection before you commit to a car ALWAYS.


Kindly explain pre-purchase inspection methods deeply, thanks.


You take it to a mechanic to check all the components of the vehicle that might not be noticeable from test driving or to the untrained eye. Reputable garages have a 100-point or even 150-point inspection checklist

For example, water damage can be evident from rust in tight spaces that would otherwise be free of rust.


With modern cars, your local mechanic or garage will not be able to detect any issue. Trust me on that one. They would need dealer level code readers to catch deleted fault codes.


1st car owners lazima wagongwe.

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Unaexpect Omosh wa Baricho road kujua 150 point inspection juu Kenyans are cheap sana atatafuta Omosh

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i straight up had a guy tell me confidently that a car was accident free. opening the bonnet you can clearly see a nose cut and had like 10 error codes from the obd. then he tried feigning ignorance


Hakuna shule kenya hutrain mechanics. Mtu akinunu gari atumie tu common sense. Gari huaribiwa na mechanics.

Problem is

  • knowing which garage is “reputable”
  • cost of inspection especially if you have to do it severally