Gari Ya Car Hire Missing In Action

I need input yenu, tuseme kuna msee hufanya hii biashara, alipeana gari ilikuwa supposed kurudi jana, leo huyo msee ali hire hachukui simu na car track ain’t responding. Other than karao, kuna ujanja gani ingine anaweza saidika nayo?

Involve the cops Mara hio hio. Alert your car track provider and then…pray…


Inform karao. Get abstract. Contact radio stations. Promise a reward. Pray.


Does it have insurance?

Kabla ya maombi atafute @ afro.

@Afro umeitwa

Seek camera excerpts the JJ way and inform safaricom to unearth the path he followed … if it doesn’t bore fruits go the @Elixir254 way and expose nigga! Otherwise report to the police & get ID/ passport photo posted in the most wanted list …TGIF go knock the hell outta yourself with a concotion of drugs and leave the insurance to handle it’s shit. Woe unto you if it didn’t have a comprehensive insurance! Seen this before when my cousin and I went to report of a stolen vehicle at 1900Hrs only to be told it was spotted in Murang’a at 1400Hrs.


cc @jumabekavu

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If its comprehensively insured with a car track system then you’re ok.
Excess utalipa kidogo sana

Insurance itakuruka kama ni a private car umehire out…


Hao exerts nitatoboka ngapi?

Hio part ya radio stations na rewards, how do I go about it?

True.if it’s supposed to be chauffer driven then you’re fucked

pia kuwa prepared na towage fees juu gari inawezs kuwa iliharibikia Moyale.

Have you been tracking it from the time you let it out to the guy.
You should install a tracking device where you have all the controls. Hizo za kupigia tracking company watafute gari ni tricky Sana.
Remember you need to regularly load credit to the sim card installed in the device. When was the last time you did that?


sina gari mimi…wacha nisome comments nikinunua nisisumbue watu na advise


try tracing the conman not the vehicle


Make sure a circulate number plate peasant asiuziwe akuje alilie hapa

Mroge huyo


Alert the police na ukaze, next time ongea na @riskey akuuzie car track ya maana.

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