Gari ni Toyota - Safari Rally has just proven that


ufala yako haiku anza na wewe …ilianza na mababu na mababu wako

This idiot really hates toyotas anadhani ni ya poor people. I wonder what he drives. I drive a toyota and am not ashamed. Na pengine hata ya bei kuliko mkebe yake.

Anaringa na Nissan navara and an old 1986 BMW jalopy.

First time am seeing @LongerTime insulting. It must be very serious. The Cushitic Mongoose is a retard no doubt.

Nilidhani hata ni wa range rover. I am pro Germany in almost everything except cars. Ni vile tu outsiders hawajui the shortcuts taken in the german car industry. Nissan Navara is crap. Nissan except patrol is crap.

:D:D:D sa mababu umewaingilia and they are busy somewhere resting in eternal peace

Heshimu German engineering nanii.

Itabidi atii, hakuna gari kama Toyota, and there is no European make that’s anywhere near Toyota - atake asitake

I am telling all of you mongrels that y’all are stupid, poverty-bound, inbreds, useless taka taka for valuing a Toyota beyond your own faeces

Ghasiaa … nikisimama na ile benz ya mukoro nakubebea hadi Bibi na io Toyota yako.

insults are a sign of low IQ bonoboism

Angalia mwingine, SASA unaringa na ramshackle ya mukoro? Haya soma hizi specs za gari yangu Hilux double cab,2kd halafu niambie nani ata beba mwingine [ATTACH=full]447043[/ATTACH]

Toyota and honda still have a culture of engineering excellence. BMW unfortunately hawakuweza endelea hivyo after the MBAs and lawyers took over from the engineers in running the company.

Even with the Peugeot, if the french had continued down that line of engineering excellence like in the 504, they would still be a powerhouse

I don’t need to read bro. I drive a Toyota Hilux single cab 4*4 2.4 GD fully loaded 6-speed manual transmission. That’s my work station. My cruising choice is either a Benz or VW. I have a mint 1992 Toyota Carina (sagami edition) in-storage as a collectable. Got nothing against Toyota just saying it got nothing on a mercedes… trust me. I know.

Toa hii taka taka hapa unajiaibisha… wanaume work hard and drive serious cars wewe unaendesha Toyota are you gay or something …driving all body nothing under the hood cars …tuonyeshe tukuingishe wapi tuskie kautamu

@LongerTime amekasirika sssaidi :D:D:D

Empty debes make the most noise

It’s a shame that you wanna compare a “fully loaded” utility toolbox to a sedan built for no other purpose than to massage your buttocks and then give it a Doug Score on why one outdoes the other. Stick to cattle rustling and using saliva to wash sleep off your wife’s face.

My other car is a BMW 3 series 2006 model, I know a thing or 2 about European cars, I still prefer the double cab any day of the week