Gari Kuchapwa Na Lightening. They Survived It Due Rubber's Perfect Insulation Properties

You’ll be type one civilisations, the day you’ll learn how to harvest the power of lightening

Tremendous Voltage & Current realsed in Milliseconds. Maybe a Super capacitor the size of a Roto Tank connected to a Lightening arrestor can capture all that energy and store the charge. 10 such capacitors can power a small town via controlled slow discharge.

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Very expensive venture due to unpredictability and how erratic lightning is…

Jinga ulijulia wapi ni expensive.wacha kiherehere


We are still very primitive creatures. There is limitless energy on earth it is only that we cannot harness it.

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, SOLAR, Wind, Tides can power all Factories, Homes, Ships, EVERYTHING on earth

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Wapi ile machine ya unlimited energy ya Nikola Tesla? Waarabu wakue paupers, wakue mboch wetu?

Iyo maybe 2100 from Elon Musk grand kids.